Kodachadri beckons climbers


The Kodachadri  Hills, a bio-diversity hotspot overlooking the Western Ghats is a place worth visiting by nature lovers as well as adventurists. The peak of this famous Hill is 1343 meters above sea level and the place is known a trekkers paradise. Kodachadri is 100 kms away from the town of Shivamogga and 12 kms away from the temple town of Kollur.

The Kodachadri Hills houses the largest forest cover of Karnataka and also the Mookambika Nature Reserve. The name Kodachadri is derived from the words Kodacha or Kodashi  meaning a hill of Kutaja flowers which means Girimallika or the Jasmine of the hill while Adri is a Sanskrit word. The place is also known as Kodashi Parvatha or Kutachadri.

This place which is rich in bio-diversity has several endangered species of flora and fauna. One can spot the  Malabar Pied Hornbill, Malabar Langur, Paradise Flycatcher tiger, leopard, rock python and many more endangered species here. This place of solitude is a favourite  destination for trekkers as it poses a big challenge to them.

Kodachadri beckons climbers
Kodachadri beckons climbers

kodachadri-1 kodachadri-2 kodachadri-3


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